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The perfect brand name for a variety of laptops and notebooks, it is one of the excellent gifts of the modern technological advancement. With excellent composite cases of either titanium or magnesium, these are built with a great innovative design. The ThinkPad are the first of its kind mobile computers that was developed by IBM way back in 1992. The product became extremely popular because of the unmatched quality and system reliability it presented. With a sleek ergonomic design it soon won the hearts of many. More the ThinkPad was equipped with exceptional features like TFT display, external CD player control and also an internet scroll bar function.

The ThinkPad comes with an Active Protection System that has the capabilities to shut down the hard disk when it senses some malfunctioning to prevent damage. There is also another interesting feature that is extremely interesting- the biometric finger print reader and the wireless dual antenna that is needed for steady internet connections. With the first LCD screen of its kind, the ThinkPad is much ahead of its generation. With the LCD screen you will surely have a different experience, first of its kind.

The ThinkPad comes with a Track Point that has an exclusive Internet scroll bar that allows users to navigate through the web pages with ease. You can also use the additional features like the spreadsheet simply by pressing a button and thus you need not use the cursor always. It has proved to be a boon for those who are always on the move especially for the students and the busy executives who can carry the ThinkPad along with them. There is also an optical driver that comes with it, thus the total thing is sleek and convenient and is definitely space saving.

The ThinkPad is useful in ways more than one. It is great for giving presentations and while being on the move. It also has good hard disk space and thus you can store some of your personal data as well and have access to all that and more jut at the click of the button.

ThinkPad is the brand name for a range of portable laptops and notebook computers. It features innovations such as magnesium or titanium composite cases. It has a reputation for generally being solidly built, dependable, and innovative. ThinkPad, a brand of notebook PCs with the ThinkPad i Series, first mobile computer line designed by IBM in 1992.


ThinkPads have been praised for exceptional build quality, system reliability, and services. It features a sleek ergonomic design, active matrix TFT displays across the line, Instant audio feature with external CD player controls, and a unique internet scroll bar function.

It consists a Active Protection System, a device that detects when a ThinkPad shuts the hard drive down to prevent damage, biometric fingerprint reader, dual wireless antennae that allow for more stable connections and password management to counter key-logger spy wares.

IBM ThinkPad

It includes Track-Point pointing stick, which was introduced by IBM. The ThinkPad were first to offer the largest LCD screen.Thinkpad is the brand name for a highly successful range of portable laptop and notebook computers originally designed and sold by IBM. IBM introduced the first ThinkPads in 1992, into the market. IBM ThinkPads have a reputation for generally being solidly built, dependable, and innovative.

The exclusive ThinkPad TrackPoint pointing device with Internet Scroll Bar allows users to navigate through Web pages, spreadsheets or long documents as easily as pressing a button, eliminating the need to move the cursor to the edge of the screen.

Busy families, students and small business workers previously confined to a desktop PC can now enjoy the mobility provided by the new ThinkPad i Series. Ideal as a second or third PC for any room in the home, the sleek ThinkPad i Series design integrates the hard disk, CD-ROM and floppy drives and modem in an all-in-one unit that saves desktop space by eliminating the need for cabled peripherals.

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