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Founded by Rochester in 1881, Kodak has one among the leading photography companies. The company’s earliest product was the simple roll film cameras that were produced by Eastman Dry Plate Company. Since then, the company has introduced several processes and new products that have made photography useful, simpler and a lot more enjoyable. Kodak has also strived to meet customer satisfaction in the best possible manner. It has risen to the top spot by dint of its excellent products of world class standards.

Kodak became popular in the 1980’s after the release of its first transparent photographic film. The company also started to sell its first daylight-loading camera using which the photographer can have the camera reloaded without the necessity for a darkroom. For amateur motion pictures, Kodak introduced 16 mm reversal film on cellulose acetate. The new sound motion picture which makes use of the motion picture film was also introduced first and foremost only by the company.

Kodak’s popularity in the 1990’s was owing to its manufacture of the writeable CD which finds use in the production of telephone bills for business accounts. The advanced photo system format was released following a joint R&D project of the company with Fuji, Canon, Nikon and Minolta. This enables the user to remove the film before it is completely exposed.

Kodak has released several other products other than cameras. For instance, it has introduced products such as X-ray films, medical imaging products, radiology picture archival computer systems (PACS), dry view laser imagers, digital radiography, dental imaging, medical printing and others. Currently the company is involved with developing products using which customers can not only capture images using their mobile phones but also print and transmit those images via picture kiosks.

Some of the products of Kodak include CARESTREAM Solutions, CARESTREAM Radiology Information System and CARESTREAM Picture Archiving and Communications System under the healthcare information system category. Digital radiography systems and computed radiography systems come under the digital capture product category. Cassettes, processors and screens have been developed and introduced by the company under the film imaging system category. Kodak products are reputed worldwide as being high quality products and the company keeps releasing new and innovative products everyday. To know more about the Kodak range of products customers can take up research online.

Kodak has been the leading photography company founded by Rochester in 1881. The company first released the simple roll film cameras produced by Eastman Dry Plate Company, known as the Kodak in its products. From that time the company had released many new products and processes to make photography simpler, more useful and more enjoyable.


The main goal of Kodak is to exceed customers expectations in each contact they have with the company, its products and its people. It always strives to maintain the world class standards and the excellence.

In 1980's Kodak released the first transparent photographic film and became popular. The company marketed its first daylight-loading camera using this the photographer can reload the camera without using a darkroom. Kodak introduced 16 mm reversal film on cellulose acetate for amateur motion pictures. The company introduced its first motion picture film designed especially for making the then new sound motion pictures.

In 1990's Kodak manufactured a writeable CD used for producing telephone bills for corporate accounts and became popular. In order to develop Advanced Photographic System. The company announced a joint R&D project with Canon, Fuji, Minolta and Nikon. Kodak has released The Advanced Photo System format. Using this the film can be removed before it has begin completely exposed.

Kodak Digital Camera

In addition to cameras, kodak had released various products like Medical Imaging, dry view Laser Imagers, Radiology Picture Archival Computer Systems (PACS), X-ray film, Digital radiography, Medical printing, Dental imaging.

At present Kodak brand is developing systems that not only allow people to capture images using their cell phones, but also to transmit and print those images at picture kiosks.

Some of the products of Kodak:

Health care Information Systems

  • CARESTREAM Solutions
  • CARESTREAM Radiology Information System
  • CARESTREAM Picture Archiving and Communications System

Digital Capture
  • Digital Radiography Systems
  • Computed Radiography Systems
Film Imaging Systems
  • Cassettes
  • Screens
  • Processors

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